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Copy of At Soneha, we care about you, animals and the environment!

 All of our products are vegan, sustainable and ethically made! We believe animals, our environment & people should not suffer for our fashion.


Made from cactus!  



     All of our products are ethically made by local talented artisans in Mexico and India. 

    In India, we have patterned up with Sahara, a non-profit that trains then employees women and people with different disabilities to work. 1% of all sales are donated to Sahara to continue their mission. 




    In Mexico, we have partnered up with a all women owned workshop that employees local artisians to preserve the art of craftmenship! The workshop is one of the very few workplaces in mexico that offers above minimum wage and health care benefits.


    Cactus is a natural carbon sink; it has a great CO2 sequestering capacity.

    Only the mature leaves of the plant are cut without damaging the plant itself, enabling repeat to harvest every 6-8 months.

     Cactus naturally regenerates soil.

    Cactus used in the production is grown in an USDA certified organic farming system in the region of Zacatecas, Mexico.

    Cacti can grow in severely degraded soils, which are inadequate for other crops. 

    It only takes 200 liters to grow 2 lbs. of cactus biomass which water is absorbed by the plant itself from humidity present in the atmosphere vs. 1000 liters (on average) to grow the same lbs. from other crops.